Nikki, LPN

Surgery Scheduler

Darlene Reed was born in Eureka, KS. She has been a resident of Missouri for many years. She completed her Medical Coding Curriculum in 2000 from Penn Valley College in Kansas City and received her certification as a Professional Coder January 2001. She has vast knowledge and experience in Medical Scheduling and Coding. She was previously employed by Saxon Medical prior to Northland ENT's acquisition. She continues to handle all surgery scheduling, coding and billing of physician rendered hospital services with great pride and efficiency. Darlene is a Notary Public and a member of both the local and national chapters of the American Academy of Professional Coders. She takes part in a national on-line Otolaryngology coding discussion group and has had numerous coding issues published in the Otolaryngology Coding Alert newsletter put out by The Coding Institute. In her future, Darlene is anticipating becoming certified as a specialty proficiency coder.